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Published on December 09, 2019

Connie Pender, Wayne UNC Pharmacist about ReadyMeds

Last November, Wayne UNC introduced the program—which brings prescription medicines to a patient before discharge. As a pharmacy manager at Wayne UNC, I’ve helped to roll out the program. We are excited about the program as it continues to grow. 

It was estimated that 41 percent of patients were not filling their prescription medicines after leaving the hospital. So, we felt there was a great need to help patients have their medicine in hand before leaving the hospital. After all, many people cannot get to a pharmacy once they leave the hospital, due to their illness or lack of transportation. This can also place a burden on caregivers.  

We bring prescription medicines right to the patient’s hospital room. A pharmacist can answer any questions then. Now people don’t have to make an additional stop on their way home. We can also work with their insurance company to see if there are ways to save on costs. This allows people to focus on healing, rather than worrying about an extra errand to run.  

We’ve also added another pharmacist to the team, in order to extend hours to 7 p.m. Plus, we have a new pharmacy tech that asks patients being admitted into the hospital about their medical history and lists any current medicines. That way, the entire care team can better understand each patient’s current condition. Better communication helps to create a foundation for better treatment.

I am grateful to work at a place that is continually finding ways to help improve the patient experience. I want every person in our community to know that they have a dedicated pharmacy team ready to help them.

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