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Published on March 06, 2018

Celebrating Our January Carolina Care Recipient Buddy Farmer – New Shuttle Service Offers Comfort, Convenience to Family Member in Need

January Carolina Care Recipient Buddy Farmer

As part of our journey to improve the experience patients and guests have in our hospital, we began a new Courtesy Shuttle Service in January.

Available day and night, seven days a week, our free shuttle service offers patients comfortable rides to multiple stops around our hospital, including the Emergency Department, Registration, Rehabilitation and Main Entrance.

“Our shuttle is truly an invaluable asset,” said Barry Watkins, Administrative Director, Facility Services. “Patients are raving about it during my rounding.”

The shuttle service has also offered comfort and convenience to patients when they need it most, including recently when our hospital police Sgt. Buddy Farmer escorted a patient’s wife to her car just after she had lost her husband.

“I asked if I could have the pleasure of escorting her to her vehicle,” said Sgt. Farmer. “She managed a small smile and said, that would be wonderful, but there was only one problem. She was so upset, she couldn’t remember where she had parked.”

As the patient’s wife began to gather her bags and her husband’s wheel chair, Sgt. Farmer found common ground with the patient. He shared with her that he had lost his mother recently and that he could relate to how she was feeling. He reassured her that they would relocate her car.

Sgt. Farmer called our shuttle, which met him and the patient’s wife at the visitor’s entrance of the hospital. Sgt. Farmer and the shuttle driver loaded the woman’s wheel chair and belongings into the back of the van, and Sgt. Farmer explained the situation to the driver.

“As she drove off, I realized how fortunate we are as a hospital to have such a great additional service to offer to patients and their families,” said Sgt. Farmer. “As an organization, in one of this woman’s darkest times, we offered a smile, a shoulder and a sense of safety and assurance. This is part of why I enjoy doing what I do here.”

Every day our shuttle service is just one way we demonstrate our commitment to serving our patients, their families and our visitors.

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