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Published on November 25, 2019

Turkey Trot Tips

Runners during the Goldsboro Turkey Trot.

It's no wonder Thanksgiving is one of the most popular days of the year for running a 5K. Turkey Trot is an opportunity to have a fun family experience while also balancing your holiday feasting with physical activity.

The Goldsboro Family YMCA Turkey Trot supports the Change for Children program at Goldsboro YMCA, offering a morning filled with fun and prizes for all who participate.

Whether it's your first time lacing up or you're a seasoned runner, you can follow our Wayne UNC Health Care Rehabilitation & Therapy team's tips to run your best race:

  1. Stretch before and after the race.
    • Stretching decreases the risk of injury during and after the race.
  2. Take part in an active warm-up.
    • Complete various activities such as jogging, high knees, butt kicks, leg kicks, etc. to ensure that your muscles are warmed up and ready for the big race.
  3. Hydrate before, during and after exercise.
    • Before Exercise:
      • Drink 17-20 ounces of water or sports drink 2-3 hours before exercise
      • Drink an additional 7-10 ounces of water or sports drink 10-20 minutes before exercise
    • During Exercise:
      • Drink early
      • As a general guide, drink 7-10 ounces of water or sports drink every 10-20 minutes.
      • Do not wait until thirsty; to maintain hydration, need to drink beyond thirst.
    • After Exercise:
      • Drink enough fluids to replace any weight loss within two hours of completion of activity.
      • For each pound of weight loss, drink 20-24 ounces of a sports drink.
  4. Be familiar with the course prior to running.
    • Running a race on an unfamiliar course may result in unfamiliar obstacles and barriers that could lead to injury.
  5. Dress in layers.
    • It may be cold at the beginning of the race and you want to be sure that you are warm prior to beginning.
  6. Wear good running shoes.
    • Most turkey trots are on pavement and the constant beating on the pavement could result in injury if you are not wearing the proper footwear.

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