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Published on February 21, 2019

A Good Night’s Sleep

How the Right Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow Up Helped James Daniels Breathe Easier

Before James Daniels had his tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, his parents felt concerned he wasn’t sleeping well. “He’s only six years old, and he was snoring like an old man,” said his mother Kate Daniels. She booked an appointment with Dr. John David Cunningham of UNC Ear, Nose and Throat.

“His office was amazing,” said Daniels. “My son especially loves a member of his staff, Miss Monica. He never feared going to the doctor, because he always wanted to see her.”

After conducting a sleep study, the Daniels family learned that James’s tonsils were large, and his adenoids were growing behind his nose. Dr. Cunningham suggested surgery to remove both.

The road to surgery wasn’t a smooth one, however. “We were scheduled for surgery on May 30,” said Daniels. “But, the anesthesiologist came in and listened to his chest, and he said we were not going to have surgery that day.”

At the time, James was still recovering from a cold. While his chest sounded clear to his parents, he still had enough congestion to concern the doctor performing his surgery. “The doctor wanted to make sure we understood why they didn’t want to have surgery that day,” said Daniels. “His cold could have caused complications. I appreciated how thorough they were, and we left with such gratitude.”

By the time James had his surgery June 20, Daniels said her son knew what to expect. “The atmosphere was great,” said Daniels, “And, Dr. Cunningham and his entire team were absolutely amazing.”

Today Daniels said she’s sure James’s surgery was the right treatment for him. “He doesn’t snore, and he wakes up feeling rested,” she said. “We feel 100% that this is due to the right diagnosis, the right treatment and the right follow up.”

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