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Published on February 19, 2020

Winter Safety: Stay Upright and Warm with These Tips to Avoid Slips, Falls and Spills

Ready or not, here come the snow (and ice)!

Winter safety is an often overlooked part of life.

“While we can’t change the weather, we can do much more to prepare and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe,” said Mike Paul, Clinical Lead for Physical and Occupational Therapy at Wayne UNC Health Care Rehabilitation Services.

At Wayne UNC Health Care, we want to help you stay safe when conditions turn bad. Here are some tips to remember when preparing for and dealing with winter weather:

  • Take your time! Most falls occur when you’re in a hurry. Leave early, and allow plenty of time for travel.

  • Take smaller steps, and keep both feet on the ground.

  • Avoid carrying excessive belongings. Keeping your hands free will help maintain your balance.

  • Wear the proper footwear. Warm shoes or boots with good traction will provide the best protection against snow-covered sidewalks and parking lots.

Travel safety tips:

  • Slow down, and only drive if you need to.

  • Keep emergency supplies in your car, including a blanket, extra hat/gloves, flashlight, bottled water and snacks in case you get stuck for an extended period of time.

  • Use your brakes early and often. Avoid pressing your brakes too hard on slippery roads, as this will cause you to skid. If you’re going to have to stop, plan ahead.

Snow removal tips:

  • Bend your knees. Let your legs do the work, not your back.

  • Use your core/abdominal muscles to push the snow. Do not lift it, if you can avoid it.

Hang in there, winter is almost over. Remember to stay safe, and if you find yourself in pain from winter-related activities, Wayne UNC Health Care Rehabilitation Services is here to help.

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