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Published on April 08, 2019

Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

When is the last time you cleaned your makeup bag? As you begin to scrub other areas of your home this spring, an overhaul of your cosmetics bag may also do wonders for your peace of mind and your health.

Throw Away Old Products

Do you have make up that’s past its prime? Now may be a good time to toss it.

“While cosmetics products are not required to have specific shelf lives or expiration dates printed on their labels, you can use your judgment to determine whether your products are past their prime,” said Melissa Smith, FNP-C, UNC Women's Health at Goldsboro.

If you’re unsure, refer to the following guide:

Foundation/Concealer: 6-12 months

If foundation begins to separate or there’s a change in smell or how your skin reacts, it may be time to throw your foundation away.

Eye Shadow: 3-6 Months

If your eyes begin to get irritated, red or itchy, it’s probably time to get rid of your shadow.

Blush, Bronzer and Face Powders: Up to 2 Years

If you keep these products in a cool, dry place (not in your bathroom), these products can last a couple years or more. You can also prolong their shelf life by spritzing and cleaning your brushes regularly.

Lipstick and Lip Gloss: Up to 1 Year

Changes in texture and/or smell are signs your lipstick or gloss is past its expiration.

Mascara: 3 Months

If mascara dries out, becomes clumpy or begins to smell off, it’s bad. Because the wand is in contact with your lash area, it can attract bacteria quickly.

Eyeliner: Up to 1 Year

Kohl eye and brow pencils last longer because they are constantly being sharpened, but liquid liner, like mascara, comes into contact regularly with your eyes and generally has a shorter shelf life.

Wipe Down Your Products, and Clean Your Makeup Bag

Have a bag made of cloth? You can throw it in the washing machine. Wipe down your products and the inside of a non-cloth bag with a makeup wipe. Or, you might consider just buying a new bag.

“It’s also a good idea to thoroughly clean your makeup brushes and beauty tools,” said Melissa Smith, FNP-C.”This helps to keep your products and applicators more hygienic.”

Update your Products

The fun part of spring cleaning your cosmetics bag is the opportunity to replace outdated products and update your look. Check out your favorite magazines and websites for new-for-spring products and consider replacing certain products with those that do double duty and save money, as well as space.

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