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Published on March 01, 2019

Screenings, Healthy Lifestyle Keys to Colon Health

Tara McLamb nurse practioner.

Colorectal Cancer affects an estimated one in 20 people each year, but it often can be prevented through regular screening, according to the American College of Gastroenterology.

“We recommend patients with an average risk – who do not have a first-degree relative with Colon Cancer – begin colonoscopy screening at age 50 with repeat screenings every 10 years or so thereafter,” said Tara McLamb, a Nurse Practitioner for UNC Specialty Care at Goldsboro. “If you have a first-degree relative who has had a positive Colon Cancer diagnosis, or if you’ve had previous incidence of colon polyps, inflammatory bowel disease or colitis, we may recommend screenings every two to five years.”

Regular screening has been shown to reduce patients’ risk of Colorectal Cancer by 95% within the next five years following a colonoscopy.

Conveniently located in Goldsboro and linked to the vast UNC network, UNC Specialty Care at Goldsboro offers quality care from specialists with a track record of reliable cancer detection, as well as access to clinical trials.

In addition to regular colonoscopies and removal of pre-cancerous lesions or polyps, McLamb recommends patients engage in prevention by adopting a healthier lifestyle, avoiding obesity, quitting tobacco use and adopting a high-fiber diet.

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