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Patient and Family Advisory Council

Explore how the Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) at Wayne UNC Health Care helps improve the patient experience and enhance the quality of care.

What’s a PFAC?

Our PFAC includes former patients and their family members along with members of our staff at Wayne UNC. PFAC members promote integrating patient-centered care across our organization. Patient perspectives and family feedback provide unique insights and advice about:

  • Patient and family needs and concerns
  • Current hospital systems and processes
  • Ways to improve care practices

Benefits of a PFAC

Monthly meetings of our PFAC allow members to discuss and fine-tune hospital processes and care delivery to ensure patient-centered practices. Volunteers see the council as a way to communicate and advocate for patients.

Patient-Friendly Programs

PFAC collaboration at Wayne UNC is responsible for championing several programs such as:

Volunteers also have the opportunity to serve as patient/family advisors on other hospital committees.

Join Our Patient and Family Advisory Council

Complete an online application to become a member of the Wayne UNC Patient and Family Advisory Council.