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At Wayne UNC Health Care, our Mission is Patients First. Quality Health Care. Close to Home. In addition to delivering a high standard of care here in our community, our team is committed to a quality patient experience that puts the health and wellness of our patients first.

Here, our patients share about their experiences at Wayne UNC Health Care and the reason they continue to entrust their care and the care of their families to our expert team.

Vivian Moody after Shoulder Surgery at Wayne UNC

"The surgical nurses took real good care of Mama..... I couldn’t imagine anyone being nicer."

—Evelyn Phillips, about care her mother, Alma received at Wayne UNC Health Care

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Daniel Weeks at home after an Emergency Room visit at Wayne UNC in Goldsboro, NC.

"Overall, it was the best medical experience I’ve ever had."

—Daniel Weeks, Wayne UNC Emergency Room Patient

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Beverly and Macy after Macy's thyroid treatment at Wayne UNC

"The best level of care for our daughter turned out to be right here in our own community."

—Beverly Weeks about care her daughter, Macy received at Wayne UNC

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"I would highly recommend UNC Wayne and UNC Orthopedics at Goldsboro to anyone."

—Vivian Moody, Wayne UNC Surgery Center and UNC Orthopedics at Goldsboro Patient

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"I noticed a difference immediately."

—Brittany Acree, Physical Therapy/Dry Needling Patient

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"I had the support I needed every step of the way."

—Martha Bryan, Orthopedic Patient

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"I could not have received better care anywhere."

—Louise Adams, Breast Cancer Survivor

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"It was so quick and easy and didn't take much time out of my day."

—Sherry Waters, Mammography Patient

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"Everyone treated me like I was the only patient."

—Captain Phillip Stokes, Salvation Army
Orthopedic Patient

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"Our experience at Wayne UNC was outstanding."

—Elizabeth Falk, Mother of Patient

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"We bring prescription medicines right to the patient's room."

—Connie Pender, PharmD, RPh, Wayne UNC Pharmacist

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"I signed up, made an appointment and had a call in 30 minutes."

—Cari Daniels,
UNC Urgent Care 24/7 Patient

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Unending Patience and Friendliness

“Thank you for your kindness, tender care, unending patience and friendliness. You made me comfortable and at ease. It’s obvious that you all love what you do – all those smiles.”

—Karen, patient

Emergency Department

Treated Like Family

“The nurses and staff at Wayne UNC Health Care treated my daughter like family. In pre-op, they took the time to explain the procedure (ear tube surgery), and then the CRNA carried her in his arms back to the OR. They made sure she was at ease.”

—Katie, mother of 6-month-old patient, Lenni


Five-star Rating for Care

“I would like to give a five-star rating for my care from everyone I had helping me – from check-in, pre-op, my surgery team and the after-surgery care. Everyone was great, and I had no issues getting checked in. Everything went quickly and smoothly from beginning to end. Everyone was cheerful and took time to joke with me and make me feel comfortable. This was the best experience I have had so far from all of my surgeries and procedures here and from other hospitals. Thank you to all who were part of making a dreadful day not so bad.”

—Ashley, patient


Respectful Staff That Really Listened

“I was grateful the doctors tried to let me have a natural delivery and that they didn’t rush me into anything. They were very respectful of our birth plan, letting me try for as long as it was possible and safe for me to have a normal delivery. They were very patient. I was also super-impressed with the L&D nurses. There was one, in particular, a traveling nurse in the nursery named Rosy, who was over the top kind. She kept our son as long as possible throughout the night to let me sleep. I was so grateful for her, because I knew my baby was loved and well taken care of in the nursery. Everyone working in the hospital was compassionate and had my best interests in mind.”

—Shanely, patient

Labor & Delivery

Made My Son Feel Like a Rock Star

“I’ll never forget our son, James, walking down the hallway in front of us, clinging to his Chewbacca toy. Everyone in that hallway made him feel like a rock star.”

—Katie, mother of 6-year-old patient, James


Great, Well-informed Birthing Experience

“I came in to deliver at the end of one shift, and a new shift was coming on that morning. The current shift got me set up, put the IV in and waited until the new set of nurses arrived and began doing their rounds, so they could tell everyone what was going on at the same time. They didn’t leave me to fend for myself. The new shift and my doctor were fantastic. They talked me through my epidural and walked me through every step of labor, letting me know every sensation I was going to feel. This was very comforting to me, especially as I was more afraid of the epidural than of the actual delivery. They kept us updated on everything that was going on with the baby. I had a great experience and wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

—Karrie, patient

Perinatal Services

Support for Every Step of Recovery

“After my heart valve surgery, it took time for me to feel like myself again. The caring team at Wayne UNC Cardiac Rehab was here for me through every step of my recovery.”

—Sherry, patient

Cardiac Rehab

Lots of Learning

“I knew what I shouldn’t eat, but I didn’t really know what I should eat. Working with a dietitian and attending diabetes classes, I lost 80 pounds and increased my activity level. I learned about hidden sugars and the maximum amount of carbs to eat during meals in order to control my diabetes. I also learned about the importance of meal planning and prepping my meals.”

—Karen, patient

Center for Diabetes & Nutrition

Great Relationship Building

“The whole crew at Orthopedic Physical Therapy has been outstanding, just in the relationship they’ve built with my 14 year old. They’ve kept him very motivated and have been a really important part of his recovery.”

—Vicki, mother of patient, Sam

Orthopedics/Physical Therapy

Outstanding Counsel

"Our Corporate Health Services nurse is a great fit for the Goldsboro Fire Department. He is accessible, which gives our employees the ability to develop a trusting relationship with him to speak about their health concerns or medical evaluations. He is knowledgeable, on call when job injuries occur and he continues to provide our personnel with outstanding counsel."

—Joseph Dixon, Fire Chief, Goldsboro Fire Department

Corporate Health Services

They Saved My Life

“I was a little overweight and deficient in my way of life. Working rotating shifts, I started out at around 200 pounds. About 17 years later, I weighed in at 270 pounds. Our nurse held a class on how to maintain a healthy weight and eat proportioned meals. She really woke me up and saved my life. She encouraged me to go to my doctor and provided information on parts of my medical history that were questionable and needed to be addressed.”

—Gary Nance, Sheriff Deputy, Wayne County

Corporate Health Services

Helped Employees Stay On Top of Their Health

“Our decades-long partnership with Wayne UNC’s occupational health nurses has brought wellness programs tailor-made to meet the needs of our employees. The nurses are able to direct our employees to the appropriate medical facilities, which, in turn, assist with proper utilization of our health care dollars. The wellness screenings have uncovered medical findings and health conditions our employees were not aware of, and early intervention and treatment of these conditions have significantly impacted their medical care, keeping our employees healthy and able to return to work.”

—J. Michael Davis, General Manager, Tri County Electric Membership Corporation

Corporate Health Services

Tailor-made Wellness Programs

"Having on-site programs that are tailored to meet the needs of our employees benefits everyone involved. Our employees are able to build a trusting relationship with the nurses. That relationship is vital in the encouragement to employees to actively participate in healthy lifestyle activities as part of our wellness program, including preventative screenings, condition care, diet and exercise. The program is a driver in the cost-effective utilization of health care services by directing employees to use the appropriate resources in the medical community. Other important benefits of the program include excellent support with case management of workers compensation, awareness of OSHA regulations and a reduction in absenteeism due to occupational and non-occupational health conditions for a direct impact on productivity."

—Adina Burkette, HR Director, Mt. Olive Pickle Co.

Corporate Health Services

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