Visiting hours have changed as a result of COVID-19. Learn more. Testing information is available. Learn more.

Day of Surgery

Find out how to prepare yourself and your family for the day of surgery at Wayne UNC Health Care.

When Should I Arrive?

We’ll call you after 3 p.m. the business day before surgery to tell you what time to come to the hospital. If you need to know your arrival time sooner, call the Surgery Center at 919-731-6218, ext. 3.

Where Do I Go?

Learn how to find your way to the Surgery Center.

How Long Will I Be at the Hospital?

You’ll receive an arrival time that’s about two hours before surgery will take place. These two hours allow for:

  • Registration
  • Nursing admission (review of your health)
  • Anesthesia assessment
  • Visit from the surgeon
  • Other preparation

A legal guardian or someone with power of attorney must sign a consent to surgery form for a child or for an adult who cannot understand the form.

Procedure Length

Ask your surgeon how long your procedure will take. You’ll be at the hospital additional time before and after surgery for anesthesia care and recovery.

Recovery Time

Your recovery time depends on the procedure and anesthesia. Shorter procedures may only need recovery of 30 minutes, while longer procedures may need recovery of two to four hours. If you don’t need to stay overnight at the hospital, you can go home after that period.

If your doctor says you need to stay overnight at the hospital, you’ll spend about an hour in recovery. Then, you’ll go to an inpatient hospital room.

Visitors & Guests

You’re welcome to bring friends and family to your appointment for support. For your safety, there may be visitor restrictions at certain times of the year, such as flu season.

How Many Visitors Can I Have?

Your Surgery Center room has space for one or two loved ones to join you before and after the procedure, but more visitors can stay in the waiting room. If your child is having surgery, we’ll make sure you can stay by their side as long as possible.

Where Do Guests Wait During Surgery?

During your procedure, your loved ones can stay in the Surgery Center’s large, comfortable waiting area. They’ll enjoy free Wi-Fi, work space, coffee, magazines, and TV. Our waiting room hostess will update them on your status.

What Are Guest Guidelines?

Family and friends should:

  • Remain home if they have cold or flu symptoms
  • Leave small children in the care of a loved one before coming to the Surgery Center
  • Make sure older children who visit are under adult supervision at all times

How Can Family at Home Check on Me?

Before surgery, you’ll receive a case number to share with your loved ones. They can call the Surgery Center and give us the case number to learn your status.


Your surgeon may prescribe pain medicine or antibiotics after surgery. Our ReadyMeds program can send the medicine to your room before you leave, or a prescription can be sent to your preferred pharmacy.

Returning Home

If you had sedation or general anesthesia, you cannot drive home. Please arrange for someone to drive you or ride with you in a taxi, bus, or transportation service.

A responsible adult must stay with you for 24 hours after your procedure. If no one can be with you, or you have trouble arranging transportation, tell your care team so we can help you find options.

Visiting Hours have changed in response to COVID-19

To minimize Covid-19 exposure and to keep patients, visitors, and our care team safe, the number of visitors permitted is dependent upon the community spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

Please reach out to your care team or the hospital operator at (919) 736-1110.

for current visitation guidelines. 

Visiting Hours:

Most inpatient areas> 8am to 8pm

ICU Visitation

Per department guidelines

Contact Us

Learn more about what to expect during your stay at Wayne UNC Health Care. Contact us online or call 919-736-1110.

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