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Admission and Discharge

As you plan for your admission to Wayne UNC Health Care, we hope to give you information that prepares you for your stay and puts your mind at ease about your procedure. With this in mind, we offer tips for admission and discharge at our Goldsboro, NC Hospital.

When You Arrive

To ensure the admission process goes smoothly, please bring the following:

  • A complete list of all medications you are currently taking, both prescription and over-the-counter
  • Any relevant insurance information, including Medicare and Medicaid cards, pre-certification and a copy of your health insurance policy if you have an individual plan
  • A photo ID, such as driver’s license or passport
  • A list of telephone numbers where immediate family members can be reached

What to Bring

We provide a gown, socks and toiletries. You are also welcome to bring your own personal items, such as books, photographs, sleepwear or anything that would make you more comfortable.

Please know that the Hospital does not assume responsibility for valuables, including medications, so these should be sent home as soon as possible. If this is not immediately possible, valuables may be kept temporarily in the Hospital safe until someone can take them home for you.

When You Leave

Once your physician has discharged you, the nurse and physician must make sure that you understand how to take your medications at home, as well as any other instructions to continue your speedy recovery. 

The patient care coordinators at Wayne UNC Health Care are dedicated to seeing that your discharge is as timely and efficient as possible. They work closely with your healthcare team to ensure the most appropriate and safest discharge plan is in place to meet your continued care needs. Should your physician determine you would benefit from additional care when you are ready to leave, our patient care coordinators will assist you with services such as:

  • Home Health Care
  • Medical Equipment
  • Nursing & Therapy Services
  • Assisted Living
  • Advance Directives

You will be given a list of agencies that provide the services your physician has ordered and when you have selected the agency, the patient care coordinator or social worker will forward all necessary information to continue your care.

If you are in need of assistance or would like more information about admission and discharge at Wayne UNC Health Care, feel free to call 919-731-6103.

Contact Us

Learn more about what to expect during your stay at Wayne UNC Health Care. Contact us online or call 919-736-1110.

Visiting Hours have changed in response to COVID-19

To minimize Covid-19 exposure and to keep patients, visitors, and our care team safe, the number of visitors permitted is dependent upon the community spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

Please reach out to your care team or the hospital operator at (919) 736-1110.

for current visitation guidelines. 

Visiting Hours:

Most inpatient areas> 8am to 8pm

ICU Visitation

Per department guidelines

Choose ReadyMeds

If you are interested in having your medications delivered to your bedside before you go home, please talk to your care team or call 919-731-6801.

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