Preparing for Your Stay

Explore the information you need to prepare for an inpatient stay or surgery at Wayne UNC Health Care.

Admission and Discharge

Learn about admission and discharge, what to bring when you come to Wayne UNC, and the care instructions and information you’ll get before you go home.

View the Wayne UNC Patient and Visitor Parking Map [PDF] to help find your way around our campus.

Labor and Delivery Planning

If you plan to deliver your baby at Wayne UNC, call 919-731-6103 and ask our Admissions department to send you a labor and delivery preregistration form. Fill out the form and mail it back to Wayne UNC or bring it when you arrive to deliver your baby. Preregistration will streamline your check-in process during labor.

Prepare for Surgery

Feel confident on your day of surgery. View general guidelines to prepare for your surgery and recovery at our hospital.

Your Health Care Team

Find out about the patient-centered team of health care professionals who provide care, services, and treatments for you while you’re a patient at Wayne UNC.

Hospital Rooms

As a patient at Wayne UNC, you’ll enjoy a safe, comfortable environment that supports rest and healing. Your well-equipped hospital room will provide the conveniences you’ll need to relax and recover.

Your patient room includes:

  • Local phone service
  • TV
  • Wi-Fi (Choose the network “waynecia” for access.)

Bedside Phones

You’ll find a phone by your bedside unless you’re in a special care unit. Your phone number is 919-580-1 + your room number. You may make calls 24 hours a day. Dial 8 or 9 for an outside line. Long-distance calls must be collect or charged to a home phone number or a credit card.

From 9:30 p.m. to 7 a.m., your incoming calls go through the hospital operator who will forward emergency calls to the nurses’ station.

Cell Phones

Don’t use cell phones within three feet of patient care equipment. They may interfere with heart monitors, IV pumps, ventilators, and other technology.

Meal & Snack Choices

To make sure your stay at Wayne UNC benefits your health, you’ll have plenty of balanced breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snack options.

During your inpatient stay, you’ll choose nutritious meals from our “Expressly for You” menu. Your menu options follow the dietary guidelines related to your condition or treatments. Ask your nurse for snacks, such as juice, crackers, cereal and milk. Talk to one of our dietitians about other special nutritional needs.

Outside Food

Your family or friends may bring outside food to you at the hospital. Let your nurse know about the food before you eat it, so he/she can make sure it fits your specific diet orders. We can place labeled food in the refrigerator for later, if needed.

Call 911-736-1110 to get more information about patient meals and snacks at Wayne UNC.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Understand your Patient Rights and Responsibilities.

Ethics Committee

Hospitalization often requires you or a loved one to make difficult care decisions. Even after explanation and communication with your care team and family members, you may struggle with making choices. Request help from the Wayne UNC Ethics Committee to guide you, your support persons, staff and physicians you through tough decisions with medical care. The Committee consists of members including physicians, nurses, lawyers, social workers, chaplains and community members.

To contact the Ethics Committee, call 919-587-4020 or contact the hospital operator and have the chaplain-on-call paged.

Contact Us

Learn more about what to expect during your stay at Wayne UNC Health Care. Contact us online or call 919-736-1110.