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Pastoral Care and Chapel

Find spiritual and emotional support to help you cope with illness or loss. Visit a chaplain or the chapel at Wayne UNC Health Care for solace and comfort—no matter your faith background.

For Chaplains

Review information for visiting clergy, or explore our associate chaplain volunteer program.


Pastoral care can benefit you whether you’re a patient, family member, visitor, or teammate of Wayne UNC. Regain a sense of strength, peace, and meaning from ministers who care for the soul while respecting your beliefs and traditions. Our chaplains understand that spirituality and emotions play an important role in healing.

How a Chaplain Helps

Ask a chaplain for help:

  • Contacting your family’s clergy
  • Coping in times of crisis, grief, fear, or anger
  • Finding community resources and support groups
  • Receiving sacraments

Your chaplain will understand your needs, listen without judgment, and respect your privacy.


Pray or meditate in the chapel on the ground floor across from the visitor elevators. You may also write prayer requests in the chapel journal for hospital chaplains to read. The chapel is open 24/7.

Contact a Chaplain

Ask your nurse to speak to a chaplain or call Pastoral Care at 919-731-6019 Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For urgent matters or on nights, weekends or holidays, call 919-736-1110 and ask the hospital operator to page Pastoral Care.