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Teammate Behaviors

Wayne UNC Health Care behavioral standards guide the day-to-day decisions, actions, and relationships of our employees. Take care to follow the behavioral expectations during interactions with patients, medical staff, guests, and each other.

Positive Impression

  • I will greet everyone with a smile, making eye contact, introducing myself by name and title, and addressing them by their last or preferred name.
  • I will offer assistance to guests, escort them to their destination or hand off to someone who can.
  • I will speak positively about the organization and individuals, and professionally represent the organization in all actions and interactions.
  • I will provide positive, professional, and prompt responses and ensure my facial expressions and tone of voice is consistent with my words.
  • I will project a positive attitude and ensure that my work-related or personal challenges are kept separate from my patient care and professional activities.
  • I will commit to taking care of myself and my appearance. I will ensure that I am prepared to provide the very best service and project a positive image.


  • I will welcome new employees and make time to assist without being asked.
  • I will recognize the importance of team, department, and organizational goals and act accordingly.
  • I will recognize, respect and respond to the diversity of individuals and I will protect their dignity.

Effective Communication

  • I will promptly and professionally answer the telephone with a smile, greeting the caller, identifying myself and the department, and offer assistance.
  • I will actively listen without interruption, focusing on the individual, and checking for understanding by repeating information and asking questions.
  • I will offer an apology to guests and others without placing blame on anyone.


  • I will take responsibility for the appearance of our campus by picking up and disposing of trash inside or outside of the facility and I will report needed repairs promptly.
  • I will take responsibility for reducing noise in patient care and work areas.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our teammate behaviors, call Human Resources at 919-731-6049.

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