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RN Residency Program

Participate in the RN Residency Program at Wayne UNC Health Care to bridge the gap between your nursing education and your professional career. You’ll receive help from our experienced team to reach your potential as a nurse.

Shift to a Professional Nursing Career

Make the transition to the hospital work environment through our innovative RN Residency Program. You’ll receive guidance and practical knowledge that helps you:

  • Develop your nursing skills and strengths
  • Adjust to a fast-paced acute care hospital setting
  • Gain confidence in your nursing abilities
  • Learn how to handle everyday situations nurses face
  • Train for the new nursing position you’ll move into at Wayne UNC

What to Expect

Whether you’re a new graduate or a nurse returning to the acute care setting, you’ll begin your nursing position in our RN Residency Program. After your Wayne UNC orientation, you’ll start your residency journey.

During your first 12-weeks, you’ll:

  • Learn service protocols, problem-solving skills and build self-confidence as you apply your skills to patient care
  • Explore the collaborative relationships between RNs in an interdisciplinary, patient-centered care team with direction from our coordinator and special preceptors
  • Join group learning sessions lead by clinical educators at Wayne UNC. You’ll have time to debrief, get your questions answered and receive support

Transferring to Your Nursing Unit

After the first few weeks in the program, you’ll transfer to your chosen nursing unit. Partnering with your appointed preceptors, you’ll evaluate and set your clinical orientation goals. Throughout your residency, you’ll receive regular support from your assigned peer mentor.

How To Apply

Search and apply for open “resident RN” positions on our website. If you find a position and want to apply, follow the instructions to create an account or sign in to your existing account.

Next Steps

During the interviewing process for the program, you’ll talk with directors from different specialty areas at Wayne UNC based on your interests and our openings.

If you have questions about the RN Residency Program at Wayne UNC, call 919-731-6049.

Apply Online for the RN Residency Program

Search and apply for a “resident RN” position at Wayne UNC.

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