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Work-Life Balance

You do your best work when you have time to rest, recharge, and fulfill personal responsibilities. Focus on what’s most important to you by taking advantage of generous paid time off and leave benefits at Wayne UNC Health Care.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

You’ll start accruing PTO the day you’re hired. In your first year, you can earn up to:

  • 192 hours (about five weeks off) if you’re a regular full-time employee
  • 96 hours (about two-and-a-half weeks) if you’re a regular part-time worker  
  • 224 hours (about five-and-a-half weeks) if you’re an executive or director  

As you work more years, you’ll earn more PTO per pay period.

With your supervisor’s approval, you may use PTO as soon as you earn it. Or you can choose to bank up to 900 hours, depending on the year you’re hired.

Leave Policies

When you need time off to care for yourself, tend to a family member, or serve in the armed forces, explore our leave policies:

  • Bereavement leave – Time off after the death of almost any relative
  • Family and medical leave – Up to 12 weeks unpaid time off for family or health reasons, as well as 26 weeks off to care for a military member with a service-related health issue
  • Leave of absence – Up to eight weeks unpaid time off for certain medical reasons or a family crisis
  • Military leave – Up to five years total absence for military service
  • Parental leave – Four hours of unpaid time off per year for you to participate in your child’s school activities