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Support for Your Education

If you’re an employee looking to grow in your current medical field or pursue a new health care career, count on Wayne UNC to support your goals.

Educational Stipend Program

Earn 60% of your usual pay and keep your benefits even as you pause most work at Wayne UNC to attend school full-time in a health care program. You may qualify for this educational stipend if you:

  • Have worked at Wayne UNC in any position for a year, and
  • Pursue a degree in nursing or an allied health profession in which there’s a shortage of workers

After earning your license, you must work at Wayne UNC for the same amount of time you received a stipend.

Health Professions Scholarship

Regardless of your position at Wayne UNC, you can apply for a scholarship to help cover tuition costs as you study to become a medical professional. Explore available scholarships for the program that interests you.


Yearly Scholarship Amount

Maximum Years

Registered nurse:

Associate’s degree

Associate’s to bachelor’s

Bachelor’s to master’s



Registered nurse:

Bachelor’s degree



Physical therapist or Respiratory therapist






Physician assistant or Nurse practitioner



After graduating, you must use your new skills at Wayne UNC by working for us at least one year for each year you received a scholarship.

Educational Assistance

Ask us for help funding your education in a health care field or area that supports health care. After you’ve worked full-time at Wayne UNC for 12 months, apply for educational assistance for up to two years and $1,500 per year.

After finishing your education, you must work for us at least one year for each year you received financial assistance.

Continuing Education

As an employee in a health care role, you’ll build skills and stay updated on advances in your field with robust continuing education opportunities throughout your career.

RN Residency Program

Make the transition from nursing school to the hospital work environment through our innovative RN Residency Program. You’ll receive guidance to further develop your nursing skills and train for the position you’ll move into at Wayne UNC.

College Savings Plan

Make it easier to save for your or your child’s college tuition by asking us to payroll deduct contributions to your account in the state’s NC 529 college savings plan. This plan offers you certain tax benefits.