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Women’s Health

Take control of your health with regular prevention, wellness, and specialty care at Wayne UNC Health Care. Receive complete women’s health services at every stage of your life.

Services For Women

Find a wide range of high-quality women’s care at Wayne UNC to meet your health needs, including:

Support Groups

You can also take advantage of classes and support groups to help manage your health and connect with others who have the same condition.

When Should I Receive Care?

Make the most of your health at any age. Follow health screening, immunization, and counseling recommendations to prevent disease and maintain your quality of life. Women’s health guidelines from Wayne UNC include:

Age 21 – See a gynecologist for a consultation and receive a Pap test and a pelvic exam. You can see a doctor before you’re 21 years old if you have any sexual or reproductive health concerns.

Age 25 – Receive tests for sexually transmitted diseases yearly if you’re sexually active.

Age 30 – Add a human papillomavirus (HPV) test to your routine Pap test to lower your risk of cervical cancer.

Age 30+ – Think about your bone health. Maintain or develop healthy habits to prevent or reduce your risk of osteoporosis.

Age 35+ – Talk to your doctor about declining fertility and receive recommendations if you want to get pregnant after the age of 35.

Age 40 – Get your first mammogram and start scheduling them annually. Go earlier if you’re at high risk of breast cancer due to family history or other factors.

Age 40+ – Discuss perimenopause (when periods become irregular leading up to menopause) with your doctor and get help if you’re experiencing symptoms.

Age 50+ – Ask your doctor for help if you have menopausal symptoms and manage health risks that increase after menopause

Age 60+ – Get a bone density screening for osteoporosis

Health Library

Visit our health library to learn more about a variety of women’s health topics.

Find a Doctor

Search our network of doctors for a primary care provider or specialist who fits your health care needs.

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