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dad and son playing with paper airplanes in the parkUrology

Turn to the experienced urology team at Wayne UNC Health Care for your urinary system and male reproductive health concerns. Receive high-quality care from a dependable, specialized team of experts. Care and treatment can help you reduce the discomforts of a urological condition.

Urinary System Care

Count on our team for compassionate care for your urinary system concerns, including:

Visit our health library to learn more about urinary system health.

Male Reproductive Health Care

Get sensitive, confidential care and treatment for your male reproductive health concerns, including:

Urologic and Reproductive Cancer Care

Rely on the cancer care team at Wayne UNC for treatment of urologic and reproductive cancers.

Visit our health library to learn more about cancers and treatments.

Urologic Surgery

When surgery is your best treatment option, depend on our skilled, highly experienced urologic surgeons. They often look for new, innovative ways to care for you, so you can trust you’ll get the best treatment available.


Take advantage of:

  • Kidney stone removal – Makes a small incision in your back to take out large kidney stones
  • Lithotripsy – Uses sound waves to break up kidney stones into tiny pieces that can naturally pass more easily
  • Nephrectomy – Removes all or part of your kidney
  • Prostatectomy – Removes your prostate gland

You may have surgery at our technologically advanced Surgery Center, a facility designed to improve your outcome and experience.

After surgery, go to your scheduled follow-up appointments where your care team will make sure you’re recovering well.

Ask for a Referral

You’ll need a doctor’s referral for urology services with Wayne UNC Health Care. Talk to your doctor or find a primary care provider to consult. Or call 919-735-1635 for more information about our services.

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