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Shoulder Surgery Success

One evening in late January, Vivian Moody from Deep Run was walking her dog when the dog pulled on the leash, causing her to fall and fracture her left shoulder. Vivian’s daughter Kathy, who lives next door, gave her mom the choice of which hospital to go to. Vivian chose to get emergency care at Wayne UNC Health Care because of a previous positive experience with the orthopedic team.

Prompt Emergency Attention

“We didn’t have to wait long once we got there. Nothing slowed down the entire time, even during the nurse shift change,” said Kathy, who once worked as a surgical nurse at Wayne UNC. The emergency care team took Vivian to get X-rays of her shoulder and gave her medication to ease pain.

“After Mom got back from her X-ray, the emergency room (ER) doctor was waiting for her,” Kathy shared. A little more than two hours after they arrived at the hospital, Vivian went home with a sling to keep her arm stable.

Shoulder-Saving Surgery

A couple days later, Vivian visited UNC Orthopedics at Goldsboro to meet with orthopedic surgeon Robert Ottaviani, MD. He told her she had a nasty break. Her best treatment option was surgery using pins to hold together the broken shoulder as it healed. Dr. Ottaviani scheduled treatment for the next day.

Compassionate Surgical Team

On the day of surgery, Vivian got a call from the Wayne UNC Surgery Center to invite her to come in earlier. Kathy took her mom to check in at the front desk. Kathy was able to stay with Vivian before surgery because all her preoperative care took place in the same room.

During her mom’s surgery, Kathy was able to enjoy amenities such as television, free Wi-Fi, and a coffee bar. She monitored Vivian’s status on a screen in the waiting room using a confidential patient number. “Staff were also coming in all the time to update us,” Kathy said. “They’d bring a phone when the doctor wanted to talk to you. It was a calming and nice environment.”

Strengthening After Surgery

Vivian spent the night in the hospital. The next morning, she met with nurses to help plan her return home. An occupational therapist showed her how to put on her brace safely and taught her exercises to maintain range of motion during recovery.

Vivian keeps up with her exercises at home. She’s doing well and recently started driving again.

Exceptional Care

“I had a wonderful experience at Wayne UNC,” Vivian said. “I would highly recommend UNC Wayne and UNC Orthopedics at Goldsboro to anyone.”

“The staff was excellent,” Kathy said “We appreciate everything they did.”

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