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Surgery Services

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Rely on the expert surgeons and advanced technology at the newly expanded Wayne UNC Health Care Surgery Center when you need surgery. You’ll receive exceptional surgical care from an experienced team close to home in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

Trust us to provide you with the best surgical care possible because we follow the safe surgical care measures of the Surgical Care Improvement Project, a national partnership focused on improving the quality of surgical care you receive.

Count on the same excellent care you’d receive at an academic medical center in North Carolina because we’re part of UNC Health Care system.

About the Surgery Center

Discover an up-to-date Surgery Center offering more space for surgical care and a better experience for you and your family.

When you choose to have surgery at the Wayne UNC Surgery Center, you will benefit from the additional surgical space and a Center designed to make your check-in experience as easy as possible.

Get a superior level of care at a Surgery Center with expanded features, such as:

  • Additional 40,000 square feet of patient care space
  • Advanced, spacious operating rooms with the latest surgical and image-guided technology
  • Better visibility and access to centrally located nursing stations
  • Innovative universal rooms allowing you to stay in the same room before and after your surgery
  • Integrated Digital Surgical Suites (IDSS) – Operating rooms with high-definition surgical video displays and the ability to stream video for collaboration with other surgeons
  • Soothing, spa-like images and music to put you at ease
  • Thirteen operating rooms and 52 patient rooms

Family-Friendly Setting

Experience the patient- and family-friendly environment at our Surgery Center. During your surgery, your family members can enjoy amenities, such as work areas, free Wi-Fi, and phone charging stations.

Expect to see an open, coffee shop-like waiting area in the final phase our Surgery Center expansion.

Less Invasive Surgery

Whenever possible, your surgeon will perform a laparoscopic surgery using a small incision (cut) instead of traditional, open surgery. You’ll benefit from a less invasive procedure because you may have less pain, recover faster, and go home quicker. Ask your surgeon if you’ll have this type of surgery.

Robotic & Advanced Surgical Technology

Count on the Wayne UNC Surgery Center for up-to-date, hi-tech surgery equipment to provide you with precise, accurate surgeries. Our technology includes:

  • da Vinci Xi Surgery System – A robotic-assisted surgery tool some surgeons use for minimally invasive gynecologic surgeries (hysterectomy, removal of fibroid tumors, and repair of pelvic prolapse) and general surgeries (hernia repair and esophageal reflux) at Wayne UNC. Your surgeon controls the robot and it provides him or her high-definition vision capabilities and exact movements during your surgery. You will have smaller incisions and may experience less pain and scarring, and faster recovery.
  • Hybrid operating room – New, modern room with advanced surgical and high-quality imaging technology so your surgeon can perform a minimally invasive vascular surgery, and if you need additional care, your surgeon can complete both procedures. That means you’ll stay in one room, have safer care, a less invasive treatment, and a quicker recovery.

Patient-Centered Care

If your doctor recommends surgery, you may feel anxious. It’s natural to have some unease before surgery. Trust your team to address your concerns, explain what they’re doing, and answer your questions.

Your Surgical Care Team

Receive excellent care from your specially trained surgical team who work with you before, during, and after your surgery. You may even see a familiar face among our staff because we live in Goldsboro and nearby communities. Your medical team will include:

  • Anesthesiologist
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists
  • Nursing assistants
  • Registered nurses
  • Surgeons
  • Surgical assistants
  • Surgical technologists

Depending on your condition, you may need follow-up care from rehabilitation services and therapy at Wayne UNC after your surgery. Therapy can help you restore mobility, ease pain, and reduce swelling during your recovery time.

Comfort During & After Surgery

Rely on the dedicated anesthesia specialists at Wayne UNC to manage your pain during and after your surgery. Your highly trained anesthesiologist will talk to you about the type of pain control you will have and give you pain medications if needed. After surgery, your anesthesiologist and nurses will check with you to find out how much pain you feel and make your recovery comfortable.

Surgical Specialties

Find the specialized surgical care you need at Wayne UNC for:

Outpatient Surgery

Learn about outpatient surgery at Wayne UNC.

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