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Wayne Initiative for School Health (WISH)

A nonprofit partnership of Wayne UNC Health Care, Wayne County Public Schools, local city and county government and community organizations, Wayne Initiative for School Health provides comprehensive health services to more than 12,000 middle and high school students in six Wayne County Public Schools.

Experts in School-based Care

WISH Centers provide quality medical, nutritional, behavioral and preventative health care year after year. Our in-school centers staff one full-time Registered Nurse, an Office Assistant and two floating Nurse Practitioners, who work alongside Registered Dietitians, Health Educators, Pediatricians and Mental Health Providers to address a wide range of needs.

Our WISH team offers in-school physical exams, adolescent health screenings, mental/behavior health visits and nutritional assessments as well as provides vital support to students with acute/chronic conditions.

Reducing Absenteeism

Because our WISH Centers are school-based, students receive a high standard of care – similar to what they would receive in a local primary care clinic – without ever having to leave their campus. Our program strives to keep students healthy so they can focus on learning.

A Model for School-based Care

As one of the largest collaborative efforts within our community, WISH is keeping children healthy and in school. This means students can focus on what matters most – furthering their education and fulfilling their dreams.

WISH helps to relieve the social and financial strain on families at a time when health care costs are increasing, turning no child away. By meeting the health and wellness needs of students in school, we are able to save families the costs of a doctor’s visit or trip to urgent care.

Our centers boost immunization rates, provide preventative health education and help students manage chronic health conditions.


WISH fills a vital need for health care services in Wayne County, pooling state and local resources and in-kind giving from local organizations who believe in the value and effectiveness of school-based care.

WISH is committed to providing patients access to the most qualified medical professionals, as well as advanced treatments and assessments.

WISH Center Locations

WISH provides care for thousands of students in Wayne County Public Schools at six locations throughout Wayne County.

Find a Pediatrician

For care after school hours, find a pediatrician at Wayne UNC Health Care.

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