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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Reduce dizziness and restore your balance through vestibular rehabilitation. Your customized exercise-based therapy at Wayne UNC Health Care aims to help you recover as much stability as possible.

Do I Need Balance Therapy?

Balance rehabilitation can relieve nausea and reduce your risk of falls if you experience:

What to Expect

Trust your physical therapist to create a safe environment where you can practice movements needed for standing, walking, and climbing stairs. Your personalized care plan may include:

  • Aquatic therapy – Supports your weight in a warm, shallow pool
  • Balance training – Helps you build stability on a variety of surfaces you may encounter in daily life
  • Epley maneuver – Treats vertigo using a series of head turns and tilts
  • Gaze stability exercises – Use eye tracking techniques to reduce dizziness


Over time, vestibular rehabilitation can make you feel more comfortable and confident taking part in daily activities. You may find it easier to get around with less reliance on a cane, walker, or another assistive device. Follow your therapist’s advice for self-care at home to achieve the best possible long-term outcome.

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