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Sport-Specific Rehabilitation

After an injury, get the specialized care you need to regain skills for your favorite athletic activity. You’ll find personalized therapy to help you return to game play at your best.

Do I Need Sports Rehabilitation?

Sports rehabilitation targets the specific muscle areas you need to compete after an injury such as:

  • Broken bones, or fractures
  • Concussion – Traumatic brain injury, usually caused by a blow to the head, that can lead to headaches or trouble thinking
  • Dislocation – Joint that slips out of place
  • Sprain – Torn or overstretched ligament
  • Strain – Torn or overstretched tendons or muscles
  • Tendon injury – Pain in the tissue that connects muscle to bone

What to Expect

Under close guidance from your physical therapist, you’ll start rehabilitation by practicing basic, everyday movements related to your injury. As you build strength and mobility, you’ll gradually work toward mastering the more-demanding movements needed for your sport.

Services & Techniques

Depending on your needs, your care plan may include:

  • Aquatic therapy – Teaches exercises and stretches in warm water to relieve pressure on joints
  • Hand therapy – Treats the wrist, hand, arm, elbow or shoulder


Expect your therapist to do everything possible to get you safely back to athletic activities. You’ll also learn how to prevent future injuries, so you can perform at your prime over the long term.

Sports Medicine

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