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Lymphedema Therapy

Relieve uncomfortable swelling in your arms or legs with help from a certified lymphedema therapist at Wayne UNC Health Care. In Goldsboro, you’ll find this specialized service only with us.

Do I Need Lymphedema Therapy?

You may benefit from lymphedema therapy if you have:

  • Damaged lymph nodes
  • Lymph nodes removed during cancer treatments, especially breast cancer care
  • Poor circulation (blood flow)

What to Expect

Work with our therapist to decrease your swelling with a combination of methods such as:

  • Compression wraps and garments – Put controlled pressure on your arms or legs to help fluid move and keep it from building up
  • Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) – Moves or “drains” fluid from swollen areas of your body to other lymph vessels using gentle massage and compression wraps
  • Therapeutic exercise – Stimulates your lymph vessels to move fluid out of affected areas of your body during light physical activity


You may notice less swelling or pain after your first session of lymphedema therapy. Partner with your certified therapist to learn how to wrap your limb and use special massage techniques for long-term management of your symptoms.

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