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Dry Needling Offers Lasting Relief

Brittany Acree has pain relief with Dry Needling

After spending 10 years in desk jobs, Brittany Acree was feeling the toll on her neck and shoulders. “I was having tight muscles and almost constant tension headaches,” said Brittany, chief retail operations officer at Your NC Community Credit Union in Goldsboro.

Chiropractic adjustments eased her pain temporarily. But in search of longer-lasting relief, she started researching other services and learned about dry needling at Wayne UNC Health Care. The therapy briefly inserts thin needles into tight muscle areas, or trigger points, to release tension.

Immediate Results

Intrigued by the promise of easing pain without medications, Brittany made an appointment with Patrick Russell Schultze, PT, DPT, ATC, a physical therapist and athletic trainer. “He did an excellent job putting me at ease,” she said. He explained exactly what to expect and emailed her after the first dry needling appointment to ask how she felt.

“I noticed a difference immediately,” she said. “My headaches were almost completely gone. The tension in my shoulders was better.”

Keeping the Pain Away

After a second session of dry needling, Brittany didn’t feel shoulder pain for over two months. Now, she schedules appointments several weeks apart to keep the muscle aches and tightness from coming back. Treatment has allowed her to better enjoy activities and trips with her husband and two young children, as well as barre fitness classes at her friend’s studio.

Between dry needling sessions, she practices posture exercises Patrick gave her and emails him with questions to maintain her progress. “I appreciate being able to reach out to him so easily,” she said. “He’s very responsive.”

Low-Risk Therapy Worth a Try

Dry needling can seem intimidating at first, Brittany acknowledged. When a tiny needle hits a trigger point, there’s a muscle twitch, and sometimes a little soreness afterward. But relief comes quickly. “Every time I’ve gone, I’ve been so pleased with the results,” she said.

She encourages other patients with chronic pain to try this low-risk therapy. Combined with chiropractic adjustments and massage, she said, “it’s been the magic formula for me.”

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