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Hand Therapy

Find specialized rehabilitation for your fingers, palm, wrist, elbow, and shoulder at Wayne UNC Health Care. You and loved ones of all ages can get the help needed to get back to activities using your arm with less pain and freer movement.

Do I Need Hand Therapy?

You may benefit from hand therapy if any part of your arm feels painful, numb, weak, or hard to move due to:

  • Arthritis
  • Problem present at birth (such as fused, undergrown, or overgrown fingers)
  • Repetitive stress injury (including carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow)
  • Traumatic injury (such as broken bones, crushed fingers, deep cuts, or torn ligaments)

What to Expect

During a 45–60 minute evaluation, a caring occupational therapist may test your grip strength, range of motion, and other abilities. Your therapist will also do a physical exam of your arm or hand.

Before you leave, you’ll set goals and receive a personal treatment plan to help you achieve them. You may need to meet with your therapist anywhere from once a month to three times a week, depending on your situation.

Treatments & Services

During each follow-up appointment, your occupational therapist will work with you one-on-one for 30–60 minutes. Your sessions may include:

  • Activities that build strength, flexibility, and coordination
  • Blood flow restriction therapy, which lets you build muscle strength using light weight loads
  • Cold therapy (cryotherapy), including Game Ready® compression therapy to reduce pain and swelling
  • Exercise using a BTE™ rehabilitation machine with adjustable power to increase grip strength and endurance
  • Hands-on mobilization of soft tissue or joints to reduce pain and improve flexibility
  • Heat therapy, including paraffin wax baths, therapeutic ultrasound, and Fluidotherapy®
  • Mild electrical stimulation to improve muscle movement
  • Sensory re-education that teaches the hand how to feel again after nerve damage
  • Splints and fittings for premade or custom orthotics that support weak or injured arms or wrists
  • Recommendations for adaptive tools, like modified writing pens or special handles for everyday tasks

You’ll learn how to take care of your hand at home, too. As your abilities improve, your therapist may adjust the treatment plan to help you make as much progress as possible.

Caring, Highly Qualified Therapists

Lean on Wayne UNC’s skilled rehabilitation team, including a certified hand therapist who has extensive training and years of experience treating the arm. All occupational therapists take classes each year to stay updated on the latest advances in rehabilitation, so you get access to the best treatments.

Coordinated Care

Your therapist will work not only with you, but with your family and/or caregivers so they can help you at home. Trust your rehabilitation specialist to stay in touch with your doctor so you receive seamless, coordinated care.


When you commit to following your care plan, you can look forward to using your hand, arm, or fingers better after therapy. You may find it easier to do daily tasks, play sports, type, or even sleep. Reach out to your hand therapist any time during your journey for help achieving your goals.

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