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Primary Care

Partner with a primary care doctor at Wayne UNC Health Care for long-term support and personalized attention that helps you live a long, healthy life.

What’s Primary Care?

Make your primary care team your first call for routine medical services. Your team can:

  • Diagnose, treat, and help you prevent a wide range of health issues
  • Check your health and well-being with regular physicals and screenings
  • Give vaccinations
  • Answer questions and provide education on healthy living
  • Refer you for diagnostic tests or to medical specialists, when needed
  • Coordinate your care across providers and settings, and help you navigate the health care system

Benefits of Primary Care

When you develop a relationship with health care professionals you see regularly, you have the resources to live your healthiest life. Your primary care doctor is able to track changes over time and catch problems early.

Types of Primary Care Physicians

Depending on your age, you can see a primary care physician who specializes in:
Family medicine – Cares for all ages
Internal medicine – Cares for adults over the age of 22
Pediatrics – Cares for children, teens and young adults

Learn more about choosing a health care provider in our healthy library.

Preventive Care and Screenings

Ask your doctor which preventive screenings you need. Comprehensive screenings available include:

Disease Management Programs

If you live with a chronic condition, turn to disease management programs, including:

  • Counseling – UNC Psychiatry at Goldsboro provides therapy for depression and anxiety
  • Diabetes Care and Education – The Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Health offers nutrition counseling and education if you have diabetes or are pre-diabetic
  • Dietitian support – Helps you manage your weight and navigate diets or food allergies
  • Hospital follow-up – Provides consultation and helps you transition from your stay at the hospital to recovery at home

Your Medical Records

Access your up-to-date medical records by visiting My UNC Chart. View screening results, communicate with doctors, and schedule appointments with this helpful tool.

Find a Primary Care Doctor

Partner with a primary care doctor near you for patient-centered health care.

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