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Reconstructive Procedures

Choose Wayne UNC Health Care for reconstructive surgery that restores function, corrects deformities or enhances overall cosmetic appearance. Your board-certified surgeon will minimize scarring during a procedure that helps you enjoy a better quality of life.

Reconstructive Surgery Services

Take advantage of these services in Goldsboro:

  • Burn care – Treats burns of all sizes after they heal and uses skin grafting or scar revision surgery
  • Earlobe repair – Restores torn or pierced ears
  • Face laceration repair – Cares for skin wounds in delicate facial features
  • Inverted nipple repair – Reshapes the nipple and areola
  • Skin cancer removal – Takes out the cancerous skin and closes the hole left behind
  • Skin lesion removal – Eliminates lumps and sores and checks them for cancer
  • Wound care and surgery – Helps wounds heal faster with the collaborative care of a wound care doctor

Breast Reconstruction

After a mastectomy, recreate the shape and look of your figure with breast reconstruction. Often, a plastic surgeon can perform reconstruction right after mastectomy, in the same operation. If you need removal of only one breast for cancer treatment, your plastic surgeon may adjust the shape of the remaining breast to make it match the reconstructed breast.

Breast Reduction

You may benefit from surgery at Wayne UNC to reduce your breast size if:

  • You’re a woman whose large breasts cause back or neck pain.
  • You’re a man with gynecomastia, or male breast development.

Your surgeon will discuss your goals and help you get the best possible results.

Scar Removal

Following an injury or surgery, you may develop a scar that a plastic surgeon can reduce or nearly remove. Ask about scar revision surgery two or three months after the injury. That allows time for the wound to fully heal.

If the wound or injury caused a lot of skin loss, your surgeon may recommend skin grafting in addition to scar revision.

Skin Graft Surgery

This procedure takes skin from one area of the body to repair a skin injury elsewhere. Whenever possible, your surgeon will take skin from a place that your clothes usually hide.

Some skin grafts also take a small amount of muscle. Your surgeon will determine how much tissue your injury needs to heal.

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