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Picture of pharmacists talking with male customer about medicationsPharmacy

Trust registered pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians at Wayne UNC Health Care to prepare the medications you need. You’ll receive education and help to make sure you take your prescriptions safely and effectively.

Services We Offer

Expect pharmacists at Wayne UNC to:

  • Prepare prescription and nonprescription medicines
  • Act as a resource for doctors and nurses on use, dosage, and side effects of your medication
  • Identify and prevent drug-related problems, such as allergies and food and drug interactions
  • Maintain a safe, efficient system for supplying medications
  • Work with the medical team to check your medications

Advanced Medication Delivery

Your safety is important. Depend on our highly trained pharmacists to make sure you get the right medicines.

Your pharmacist uses robotic and computer technology to scan the barcode on medication and match it to your prescription.

Rest assured our system will alert your care team to wrong medications or doses, your drug allergies, and potentially harmful drug interactions with other prescribed medications.

ReadyMeds Program

Work with a Wayne UNC pharmacy technician to get your prescriptions filled before you leave the hospital. Take advantage of our convenient ReadyMeds program to provide bedside delivery of your prescription medications at discharge so you have the correct medications in hand before you leave the hospital.

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Understand Your Medicines

You should know as much as possible about the medicines you take. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about your new and existing medications.

View a list of questions to ask about your medicines.

Using Medications Safely

Our physicians, nurses, and pharmacists explain when and how to take your medicine at the hospital. When you go home, it’s up to you to take your medications as directed by your doctor.

You may see more than one doctor and have prescriptions filled at more than one pharmacy. Keep a record of the names and doses of your medications, and the reasons you are taking them. Make sure you share this information with your doctors and pharmacists so they can check for potential problems.

Choose ReadyMeds

If you are interested in having your medications delivered to your bedside before you go home, please talk to your care team or call 919-731-6801.

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Contact Your Doctor or Pharmacist

If you have questions about your medications or side effects, call your doctor or pharmacist.