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Nutrition Services

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Nutrition Services

Partner with a registered dietitian at Wayne UNC Health Care to receive an individualized nutrition plan that supports your health and wellness goals.

Registered Dietitians at Wayne UNC

Work with registered dietitians at Wayne UNC who meet the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) standards. That means they have the knowledge and training to provide complete nutritional guidance. Your registered dietitian can create meal plans, provide medical nutrition therapy, and educate you on ways you can improve your diet.

Eat Well

Visit our health library to learn more about healthy eating for adults and children.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Trust your registered dietitian to provide medical nutrition therapy (MNT) that helps you manage chronic health conditions and reduce your risk of complications. Your customized nutrition plan may include ways to help you meet calorie, protein, fluid, and vitamin and mineral requirements to improve your overall wellbeing.

Should I See a Dietitian?

You may benefit from the expertise of a dietitian if you experience:

Diabetes Care & Education

If you have diabetes, take advantage of dedicated services at the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Health at Wayne UNC. Rely on our certified diabetes educators for self-management education, meal plans, and nutritional counseling.

Inpatient Services

Receive high quality meals and nutrition services when you’re a patient at Wayne UNC. Rely on our certified diabetes educator, staff of Registered Dietitians and Nurses for self-management education, meal plans and nutritional counseling.

Outpatient Nutrition Services

Look to outpatient nutrition services at Wayne UNC for help with your food choices at home. Take part in chronic disease management education and get counseling to help lose weight.

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