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Picture of three generations of males teaching young boy to ride bikeKidney Care

Count on comprehensive care from an experienced team of board-certified nephrologists, registered nurses, and care coordinators at Wayne UNC Health Care. They help you with kidney treatment plans and prevention of future problems or complications.

Your kidneys are two fist-sized organs located on either side of your spine just above your waist. Your kidneys are responsible for:

  • Balancing your body’s chemicals
  • Cleaning your blood by removing waste and excess fluid
  • Regulating your blood pressure

When to See a Nephrologist

Look to a nephrologist who can prevent, diagnose and treat kidney disease or conditions if you’re experiencing:

  • Uncontrolled Hypertension
  • Elevated blood work (BUN, Creatinine)
  • Chronic kidney infections
  • Family history of chronic kidney disease

Kidney Conditions We Treat

Talk to your doctor about kidney treatment if you’re experiencing any of the following conditions:

Nephrology Treatments

Rely on your doctor to recommend your treatment plan, such as:

  • CRRT (continuous renal replacement therapy) – Removes wastes and water from your body when you’re critically ill
  • Dialysis – Replaces the work your kidneys do to remove extra fluids and keep a safe level of certain chemicals in your blood
  • Kidney transplant surgery – Removes and replaces your failing kidneys with a healthy organ
  • Ultrafiltration –Takes out excess salt and water from your body to reduce fluid level

You can receive dialysis treatment at the Wayne UNC Health Care acute hemodialysis facility.

Your Kidney Care Team

Partner with our highly trained care team to keep you informed on your treatment plan. At Wayne UNC you’ll benefit from having a dedicated team to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible when receiving care.

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