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Trust our skilled imaging team and board-certified radiologists at Wayne UNC Health Care to produce high-quality images and deliver precise results. You’ll have access to advanced technology and convenient services close to home in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

Recognized Imaging & Radiology Services

American College of Radiology logoBenefit from our American College of Radiology (ACR) accredited computed tomography (CT), mammography, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound facilities and services. ACR accreditation is the gold standard in medical imaging. That means our facilities meet or exceed requirements for equipment, staff, and image quality and safety.

Board-Certified Radiologists

Rely on our team of board-certified radiologists to evaluate your tests and diagnose your condition. Your knowledgeable radiologist will deliver your imaging results to your referring doctor and consult on your treatment if needed.

Complete Imaging & Radiology Services

Find a broad range of services at Wayne UNC to help your doctor identify health conditions. Depending on your needs, your doctor may recommend:

Learn about our breast imaging services, heart imaging tests, and low-dose CT lung scan.

Sophisticated CT Scans

Get faster CT scans and experience lower levels of radiation with 64-slice CT scanning available at Wayne UNC. Your doctor uses this advanced technology to see the size, shape, and position of your internal organs more clearly than with routine X-rays.

Open MRI Units

Your doctor may order an MRI scan at Wayne MRI to produce detailed images of your organs or soft tissue. Take advantage of our open MRI units for a comfortable, stress-free experience. You’ll appreciate open MRI equipment that doesn’t enclose you during the scan. Calm, spacious MRI rooms are big enough for a parent or support person.

Image-Guided Procedures

Your doctor may use minimally invasive interventional radiology (IR) procedures to diagnose or treat your health conditions. IR procedures often replace open surgery. During an IR procedure, your doctor uses imaging technology to guide a catheter inside your body and target treatments for your specific disease. You’ll experience less pain and shorter recovery time compared to traditional surgery.

Before Your Appointment

Refer to preparation information you receive from your physician for special instructions about your exam. Take your medications as usual unless told otherwise.

What to Expect

View our parking information to determine the hospital entrance you should use to get to your appointment.

Register for your test in our Admitting Department. If you’re having an MRI, you can register at MRI.

Depending on the imaging test your doctor orders, your appointment may take 30 minutes to several hours. Approximate procedure times include:

  • CT Scan: 30-90 minutes
  • Mammography: 15-30 minutes
  • MRI: 1-2 hours
  • Nuclear Medicine: 1-4 hours
  • Ultrasound: 45-60 minutes
  • X-ray: 30-60 minutes

Radiation Exposure

To protect your health, we follow strict radiation safety measures. With most procedures, your exposure to radiation is comparable to the amount of radiation exposure you’d get over several months of everyday life.

Safe Pediatric Imaging Practices

Rest assured we’ll keep your child safe during imaging tests because we follow ACR Image Gently® recommendations to provide “child-sized” radiation doses.

My UNC Chart

View your imaging and radiology results by accessing My UNC Chart.

Discounted Self-Pay Options

Save up to 60% on your medical bill when you buy procedures upfront through MDsave. With this program, you pay for certain qualifying procedures before receiving care. Wayne UNC Health Care won’t bill your insurance provider. You may benefit from MDsave if you:

  • Don’t have insurance coverage for a medical service
  • Need more affordable options for your procedure, especially if you haven’t met your insurance deductible

Qualifying Services

You’ll appreciate discounted Imaging tests. Explore MDsave procedures and prices.

Schedule a Test

Call 919-587-4300 and press 2 to schedule your imaging exam. You’ll need a signed doctor’s order for all tests except screening mammograms. 

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