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Quick, Attentive Care During an Uneasy Time

Daniel Weeks at home after an Emergency Room visit at Wayne UNC in Goldsboro, NC.

With six kids and a 180-year-old home, local pastor Daniel Weeks is often doing a project. He enjoys working with his hands. One of his recent projects included replacing plywood in a game room he was building in a barn. Things were off to a good start—until a large sliver of wood pierced his finger and got stuck.

“It was right over my knuckle. I couldn’t bend my finger; it was painful,” Daniel said.

Given the size of the wood fragment and how deeply it had gone in, Daniel decided to go to the Emergency Department at Wayne UNC Health Care right away.

In Good Hands

Although Daniel had been to the Emergency Department in the past, he said this time he was “truly impressed” with how warmly he was greeted and treated from the moment he came to Wayne UNC.

“My experience in the Emergency Department was outstanding,” he said. “I was having some anxiety about my pain. Yet everyone who helped me was confident that I would be okay. I knew I was in good hands.”

After getting an X-ray, Daniel met with Misty Lynn Rouse, PA-C.

“Misty was very down to earth and direct. She took the time to tell me exactly what she was going to do,” Daniel said.

After numbing his finger, Misty successfully removed the piece of wood. Daniel said he quickly felt relief, and he was only left with a small scar.

Within the weeks that followed, Daniel was able to finish up the game room for his family. He said he feels grateful for the team at Wayne UNC who helped him during this uneasy time.

“From the reception desk to the nurses to the physician team, I appreciate everyone at Wayne UNC who helped me that day. Overall, it was the best medical experience I’ve ever had,” he said.

Call 9-1-1

When you or a loved one has a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.

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