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Picture of young woman with child playing outsideDiabetes Care & Education

Depend on Wayne UNC Health Care to help you prevent or manage diabetes. Find support and education, and learn the skills you need to live well with diabetes at the Center for Nutrition & Diabetes Health in Goldsboro, North Carolina.

Manage Your Diabetes

Take steps to manage your diabetes. Partner with Wayne UNC to learn ways to care for yourself and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Diabetes self-care education can improve your health and quality of life.

Recognized Diabetes Care

Feel confident you’ll receive high-quality diabetes education because the American Diabetes Association (ADA) accredits our center. That means you’ll receive guidance that meets or exceeds national standards and provides ongoing support. And you’ll work with diabetes educators with experience in diabetes management, prediabetes, and diabetes prevention.

Diabetes Care Team

Your trained diabetes care team at the Center for Nutrition & Diabetes Health includes:

  • Diabetes educator – Educates and supports you if you’re affected by diabetes
  • Registered nurses (RN) – Educate you on your medications, help you plan exercise, and provide counseling

Help for All Types of Diabetes

Turn to Wayne UNC for services and education to help you or your child manage and reduce health complications from:

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Expect a personal assessment of your condition at your first appointment. Be sure to bring:

  • Your medication list or bag containing all the medications you are currently taking
  • Your blood sugar monitor, strips, and logbook (if applicable)
  • Any and all insurance cards

Tailored Education Plans

Your assessment, condition, and lifestyle help determine your education plan. Rely on your diabetes team to develop a personalized plan for you including self-care education, meal plans, and nutritional counseling.

Diabetes Self-Management Education

Learn skills to manage your diabetes at home and live a healthy life. Receive self-management teachings from your diabetes care team about how to:

  • Monitor your blood sugar
  • Plan and eat healthy meals
  • Reduce your risk of developing other health conditions
  • Incorporate physical activity into your routine
  • Take your prescribed medications
  • Work effectively with your health care providers

The benefits of diabetes self-management education may include weight loss, lower A1C, and a more balanced diet.

Coordinated Care

You’ll get continuous support from your diabetes care team to achieve your goals and get the best health outcome. Your team will consult your primary care doctor during your diabetes care at Wayne UNC to provide a smooth transition for your follow-up care.


Medicare and most private insurers cover participation in diabetes education when you receive a diabetes diagnosis. Check with your insurance provider to verify your coverage.

Prediabetes Screening & Monitoring

Get tested for prediabetes—blood glucose (sugar) that’s higher than normal, but not high enough to be classified as diabetes yet. If you have prediabetes, work with your care team to create a plan to lower your blood glucose levels and reduce your risk for developing Type 2 diabetes.

Inpatient Diabetes Care

When you have a diabetes-related health condition, you may need hospital care. Expect visits from our inpatient diabetes educator and collaboration with your hospitalist about your care during your stay. You’ll have a diabetes assessment, learn basic diabetes management skills, and get a referral to the Center for Nutrition & Diabetes Health for follow up care and education.

Diabetic Wound Care

When you have diabetic foot ulcers or wounds that won’t go away, turn to our wound healing experts at Wayne UNC. You’ll get care and treatments to help you heal faster.

Education for Diabetes-Related Conditions

Take advantage of chronic disease and weight management classes at Wayne UNC to help manage diabetes-related health concerns.

Community Outreach

Request a diabetes or nutrition speaker for your community event or group meeting.

Make an Appointment

Ask for a referral from your primary care doctor for diabetes care and education at Wayne UNC. Call 919-731-6287 to schedule an appointment at the Center for Nutrition and Diabetes Health.

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