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Cancer Screening & Diagnostics

Protect your health and prevent cancer through regular health screenings at Wayne UNC Health Care. Take advantage of our on-site imaging technology if you need additional care after your screening.

Reasons to Screen for Cancer

Cancer screenings may help lower your chance of getting cancer and find cancer before you have any symptoms. Detecting cancer early means you can start treatment sooner when it’s the most effective.

Cancer Screening Services

Take advantage of cancer screenings for adults including:

Diagnosing Cancer

After your screening, your doctor may order follow up tests at Wayne UNC Health Care.


You’ll find advanced imaging technology that can take pictures of abnormal areas in your body so your doctor can examine it more closely. Depend on our trained, professional radiology technicians to perform a wide range of diagnostic testing procedures including MRI, PET and CT scans to help detect cancer at an early stage.


Your doctor may have you get a tissue sample, also called a biopsy, to check an irregular area after a screening or diagnostic imaging test. The procedure removes a small tissue sample to look at your cells and check for cancer. Our pathologist will examine your biopsy and send the results to your cancer doctor.

Contact Us

Contact the oncology department at Wayne UNC Health Care with your cancer-related questions or concerns. 

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