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Image-Guided Breast Biopsy

If an imaging test shows an unusual change in breast tissue, your doctor may order a biopsy at Wayne UNC Health Care. This test uses imaging technology to guide a physician in taking small tissue samples to look at in a lab.

Why Do I Need a Breast Biopsy?

A biopsy gives more information than a mammogram or another type of breast cancer screening. Biopsies show whether you have cancer, but rest assured—most breast lumps or cysts turn out to be benign (not cancer).

Types of Image Guidance

A board-certified radiologist will use one of these types of imaging technology to guide a tiny needle to the right spot in your breast and take a sample of cells:

How to Prepare

To help your procedure go as smoothly as possible, follow the preparation instructions you receive after scheduling your biopsy. You should:

  • Tell your doctor if there’s any chance you’re pregnant
  • Avoid wearing deodorant, powder, lotion, perfume, or jewelry on the day of the test
  • Bring a list of your current medications to the exam

Biopsy Results

A pathologist will examine the tissue sample and send a report to your primary care provider. Expect a call from your doctor’s office to discuss the results and next steps.

Visit My UNC Chart to view your results in our secure, online patient portal.

Cancer Care

If you receive a diagnosis of cancer, lean on Wayne UNC’s compassionate cancer team for complete care and support. You can stay close to home for well-rounded expertise focused on your unique needs.

Talk to Your Doctor

If your doctor orders a breast biopsy, you’ll get a call from Wayne UNC Health Care to schedule your test.

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