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Published on January 14, 2020

Wayne UNC Health Care announces 2020 Board of Directors appointments

Wayne UNC Health Care is pleaased to announce Ken Gerrard has been appointed chairman of our Wayne Health Corporation Board of Directors and to welcome new board member Charles Branson (Branny) Vickory III.

Ken Gerrard, Chairman Wayne UNC Health Care Board of Directors

Ken Gerrard
Wayne UNC Health Care
Board of Directors

Charles Branson (Branny) Vickory III, Wayne UNC Health Care Board Member

Charles Branson (Branny)
Vickory III

Wayne UNC Health Care
Board Member

A Goldsboro resident, Ken Gerrard is Vice President of Business Development for T.A. Loving Co., a local construction company specializing in higher education, health care, bridges and utilities. A former Wayne County Commissioner and past chairman of our Wayne Health Corporation Board, Gerrard brings a wealth of leadership experience to his role as current chair. Gerrard has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from East Carolina University.

A lawyer with Everett, Womble & Lawrence LLP, Vickory is a retired district attorney. He currently serves on The North Carolina State Bar Council, the UNC-Chapel Hill Campus Safety Commission, and the Wayne Juvenile Crime Prevention Council. Vickory resides in Mt. Olive, extending the geographical representation on our board. He is an alum of Wake Forest Law School and UNC-Chapel Hill.

With Gerrard and Vickory, our 2020 board includes Board Vice Chairman Dr. Samer Kasbari, Oncologist at Southeastern Medical Oncology Center (SMOC); John G. Best, Financial Planner with Wells Fargo; Harold D. Brashear, CPA with Nunn Brashear & Company, PA; Kate Daniels, Director of the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce; Dr. Terry Grant, Emergency Physician at Wayne UNC Health Care and Immediate Care; Freeman Hardison, a retiree from Kraft/Cadbury; Dr. Dimitrios Lintzeris, Medical Director of the Wayne UNC Wound Care Center; Bill Pate, Wayne County Commissioner; Robert D. Walker, retired attorney from Walker Allen Trial Attorneys and Wayne UNC President & CEO Janie Jaberg.

Please join us in thanking Bob Walker for his service as chairman in 2019, as well as welcoming Gerrard and Vickory to their positions.

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