Published on February 21, 2018

Pilot Intensive Care Unit Visitation Hours Receive Positive Feedback from Patients

The Intensive Care Unit is piloting a more open visitation guideline to give families more time with their loved ones.

Launched at the beginning of 2018, the new policy gives patients’ families seven hours of daily visitation, compared to the previous five 30-minute periods. “Once the physician gives an update or the nurse gives an update, 30 minutes did not leave the family much time,” said Victoria Baskett, Director of Patient Experience. “A lot of family members have said they appreciate the opportunity to spend more time with their loved one.”

From an operational standpoint, the ICU team has been making workflow adjustments to account for the floating visitation schedule, said ICU Director Cindy McPhail. The suggestion to pilot our new hours came from our Patient and Family Advisory Council, a group of teammates and volunteers who have been patients or family members of patients.

“This group has been providing some great feedback on ways we can improve patient and family experience,” said Baskett. The new hours offer a morning, afternoon, and evening slot for visitation.

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