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Published on February 21, 2018

Patient and Family Advisory Council Improving the Patient Experience at Wayne UNC Health Care

Our Patient and Family Advisory Council is one way we continue to perfect the patient experience at Wayne UNC Health Care.

Comprised of teammates and volunteers – people who have been patients or family members of patients – our PFAC meets monthly to provide invaluable feedback from the patient perspective.

“Our Council actually started a lot of our patient-friendly initiatives,” said Victoria Baskett, Director of Patient Experience. “They started a patient birthdays program, where we take balloons and cards up to a patient’s room on their birthday. The nursing team signs the card and sings Happy Birthday.”

Some other initiatives our council has championed include our pet therapy program, sunshine cart and the creation of an advanced planning care toolkit. We also have PFAs that serve on quality committees in the hospital for fall prevention and readmission avoidance.

For Dave Galloway, a member of PFA councils at both Vidant Hospital in Greenville and Wayne UNC, his volunteer role is an avenue for patient storytelling and advocacy.

“A lot of what we are involved in is trying to improve communication,” said Galloway. “We want to make sure we are speaking in normal patient-friendly terms.”

Galloway said he’s had an opportunity, through his PFAC advocacy, to serve on other committees within the hospital, such as Fall Prevention, where he’s had an opportunity to provide his perspective as a former patient. Galloway spent several months in Vidant Hospital following a near-fatal car accident in 2006.

“I believe sharing my story helps hospital personnel see their patients as people – not just as a patient,” said Galloway.

He said he also enjoys the opportunity his role has given him to participate in patient rounding to help our patients feel safe and cared for in our hospital.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of our Patient & Family Advisory Council, please complete this form.

For more information, please contact Cale Grady at 919-587-4792 or

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