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Published on September 19, 2018

Wayne UNC Health Care Raises Donate Life Flag in Honor of Organ Donor

Donate Life Flag in Honor of Organ Donor

Wayne UNC Health Care held a special flag-raising ceremony Tuesday to celebrate the life and legacy of a patient who donated her organs to help other families in need.

“Giving the gift of life through organ donation is one of the most selfless legacies a person can leave behind,” said Wayne UNC ICU Director Cindy McPhail, as she welcomed the patient’s family  and members of the Wayne UNC team. “Today we fly this flag to remind our community members and teammates of the important, lifesaving gift that was given through this patient at Wayne UNC.”

The ceremony included presentation of a commemorative mold of the patient’s hands to her family, prayers and the Donate Life flag-raising by members of the hospital’s Police Department.

As part of the Carolina Donor Service Donate Life Flag Program, Wayne UNC now flies a Donate Life Flag after either an organ or a tissue donor has been facilitated at the hospital. The flag will fly for 24 hours, alerting community members and the hospital team of this important, life-saving gift.

“It also serves as a meaningful reminder of the role that everyone plays in helping to make the gift of life possible,” said McPhail, who works with the Carolina Donor Service Coordinators. “Our hope is that this flag raising honors this patient’s gift and begins an important conversation that encourages others to become a donor.”

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