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Wayne UNC Health Care has a legacy of supporting the communities we serve. Our commitment to a healthy community extends beyond the walls of our facilities. Every year we provide philanthropic support for projects and programs that influence wellness, quality of life, and the environment in our communities.

How Proposed Projects are Selected for Funding

Check our funding considerations if you want to propose a project or program to Wayne UNC. Generally, we’ll support projects that:

  • Match the mission and values of Wayne UNC Health Care
  • Impact or help improve the health status of the community
  • Aid health care agencies, which provide the community with education, health, and research assistance
  • Support the underserved and poor in our community
  • Help children, adults, and families learn important life skills needed to be successful students, parents, employees, employers, community citizens, and leaders
  • Improve economic development within Wayne County

Wayne UNC awards funds annually to meet changing community needs and to address new challenges. Our support one year does not guarantee continued or future funding.

What Wayne UNC Doesn’t Fund

We don’t generally fund:

  • High school after-prom donations, pageants, or field trips
  • Memberships
  • Individual scholarships and fellowships
  • Smaller group activities and individual scout troops
  • Sports leagues and travel teams
  • Government activities or political campaigns
  • Commercial, for-profit businesses
  • Organizations based outside the Wayne UNC service area

Wayne UNC does not discriminate based on creed, color, national origin, religion, or gender.

Submission Guidelines

Our submission guidelines ensure equitable and timely distribution of funds for approved requests and assure that each request granted supports our mission (this includes any requests for financial contribution, food contributions, volunteers, health screenings, first aid services, incentive items, etc.). If you’d like to apply for support from Wayne UNC, please follow these submission guidelines:

  • Prepare a written request in proposal format
  • Submit your request at least 60 days before the project/event takes place
  • Submit only one request per organization per year to allow Wayne UNC to support other community organization

Proposal Format

The following information is required:

  • Today’s date
  • Organization’s name and address
  • Contact person
  • Phone, fax, and email address
  • Organization’s tax ID number

Write a brief overview of the sponsorship or support opportunity, outline its significance to the community and Wayne UNC. Make sure your overview includes:

  • Date of the event
  • History of the event or project
  • Purpose and goals of the project
  • Other community organizations involved
  • Geographic areas served
  • Proposed activities
  • Number of people served or participating
  • Expected effects/outcomes of the proposed project
  • Benefits to Wayne UNC as a result of sponsoring
  • Expected costs of the project
  • Amount of request
  • Beginning and ending dates of the project or period for which funds are sought
  • Description of your organization and/or annual report

Submit Your Proposal

Mail your sponsorship/support requests to:

Sponsorship Requests
Wayne UNC Health Care
Marketing & Communications Dept.
Attn: Cale Grady
2700 Wayne Memorial Drive
Goldsboro, NC 27534
Or email us

Status of Your Funding Request

After receiving your submission, the Wayne UNC Health Care Sponsorship Review Committee will consider your request. We will notify you of the status of your request.

If you receive approval for funding, we’ll assign a monetary value to all in-kind requests for services (such as health screenings) and consider them part of Wayne UNC’s contribution to your organization.

Contact Us

Email us if you have questions about sponsorships at Wayne UNC.

Download our Sponsorship brochure [PDF] if you'd like to print the submission guidelines on this page.